School Pest Control and Management

Is your school pest control program following federal mandates?

The EPA has decided to carry the torch by mandating that schools follow Federal Law: “support the adoption of Integrated Pest Management.”

Protecting Children’s health is our number 1 priority.

Students and adults may contract diseases vectored by biting insects, suffer asthma attacks caused by allergens or triggers from cockroach and rodent infestations, and be exposed to unnecessary pesticide applications in schools.

According to the EPA, only a small percentage of schools follow this mandate by the Federal Government, employing companies that use Integrated Pest Management.

Integrity is fully aware of this law change, and completely IPM integrated.

Pest Control For Schools, Colleges, Universities, & Education

Integrity Pest Management is QualityPro Schools certified, which is additional training available to pest management companies that take the necessary steps to complete the training.

This further testing and training is our commitment to excellence as it relates to service in schools and educational facilities.

We want administrators and school officials to feel confident that Integrity technicians are well qualified and equipped to provide comprehensive services in a sensitive environment.

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Frequently Asked Quality Pro Questions

QualityPro training is tiered.

Before a pest management company can apply for certification in QualityPro Schools training, they must first complete their QualityPro certifications.

Employees of certified companies have the knowledge and understanding necessary to provide a professional pest management service. 

We adhere to all of QualityPro’s standards.

QualityPro is the pest management industry’s leading certification program.

This program is designed to increase the professionalism of the industry, stimulate consumer demand through increased confidence and a higher public perception of industry professionalism, create reasonable, quality industry standards, and a commitment to excellence and higher performance standards.

This is a company, not an individual designation.

QualityPro is designed to differentiate QualityPro companies from the competition and increase the industry’s overall professionalism.

QualityPro companies follow environmental stewardship standards and are committed to providing consumers with effective yet eco-friendly service.

Built around the four fundamental principles of Business Operations, Consumer Relations, Environmental Stewardship, and Technician Testing, the QualityPro certification is designed to be attainable and affordable for every company in the pest management industry.

In addition to pest control, your school, university, or facility might require other services such as:

  • Fly Control
    From mild to full out infestations. Our fly control program is built to eliminate these high bacteria-ridden pests from school facilities from cafeterias to bathrooms.
  • Rodent Control
    From contamination to property damage, rats and mice are destructive and occasionally must be professionally controlled. The worst pests in a school setting are rodents. Integrity can tailor a rodent control program for your facility.
  • Exclusion
    Exclusion is the process of eliminating entry & vulnerabilities. Our trained QualityPro School certified technicians have an eye and understandings of how pests work in these facilities. We develop a strategy to remove these weaknesses and entry points from cracks to more covert hiding and entry points.

Are you seeking an even Greener Solution?

We carry a product that is used explicitly for clients’ properties & homes that request the greenest solution.

Since 1990, one of our partner companies has been the world’s largest provider of Green Pest Control solutions.

This earth-sensitive solution has received a Green Builder ® Magazine Best of Show Award.

Integrity’s Commitment To Environmental Responsibility has continually reminded us to listen to use IPM standards, use science and experience, listen to our associations and those associated, and listen to the families and the environment as we continue to be the leader in Oklahoma Pest Control.

The only way to maintain a reduced footprint is to continue education, provide unmatched support, be local while providing groundbreaking treatment programs with industry-leading environmentally-safe products.

Remember, your bugs are always developing immunity to pesticides; it is time to be smarter than the pest and incorporate GPM into your pest management program.

For more on green pesticide programs or Integrity’s Commitment To Environmental stewardship.

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Keep Your Educational Facility Pest-Free

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