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There’s no doubt about it, commercial properties are seeing a significant increase in bed bugs. Tulsa’s Integrity Pest Management uses the latest technology to prevent and eradicate bed bugs, as well as free your commercial or residential property of all unwanted pests.

November 30, 2020, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Integrity Pest Management offers a wide array of pest control services to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, and surrounding areas within 50 miles (80.47 km).

Quality Pro Credentialed and the local favorite, Integrity Pest Management utilizes the most up to date pest control technology to develop a detailed, specific care plan for your space.

Pest problems come in many shapes and sizes.

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Commercial and residential spaces are both susceptible to all sorts of pests.

One of the most problematic and rapid growing pest concerns is the bed bug.

A growing concern for property owners, public housing directors, and healthcare and hospitality professionals in all sectors, the bed bug can be difficult to eradicate.

Their ability to hide in minute cracks and crevices make early detection extremely difficult even for the most meticulous housekeepers. 

Integrity Pest Management uses Aprehend, a revolutionary fungal biopesticide, for the elimination and prevention of bed bugs.

Aprehend is applied in critical areas where bed bugs are known to thrive after reintroduction.

When the bugs cross these areas, they pick up Aprehend spores and die of the fungal disease in 3-7 days.

This prevents establishment of infestation, and these Aprehend barriers continue to offer effective protection for up to 3 months.  

As one of the most experienced pest control companies in Tulsa, Integrity Pest Management specializes in more than bed bug elimination.

Mosquitoes, flea and ticks, termites, rodents, spiders, ants, roaches, and more are no match for Integrity’s science-based treatment plans. Learn more about our pest control services.

“We partner with you to end your pest problems and leave your home or business space free of all pests. Providing professional pest control services to our customers is what we do,”

William Rowe, spokesperson for Integrity Pest Management. 

Integrity Pest Management will soon celebrate twenty years serving the very best customers.

We are time tested and Oklahoma approved, since 2001. We know pests so you don’t have to. Professional Pest Control requires years of practice, expertise, and training. We’ve got all three.”

William Rowe, spokesperson for Integrity Pest Management. 

Pest elimination isn’t the only area in which Integrity Pest Management provides service to the Tulsa community.


The BBB A+ rated business is faithful to serve the community on projects through their local church, the Chamber of Commerce, and in supporting local schools. 

In business for almost 20 years, Integrity Pest Management takes termite treatment, pest control, and extermination services seriously.

Using the latest science and technology, as well as new and innovative products, Integrity Pest Management helps to develop a plan suited to your space’s specific needs

If you own or operate a space in need of pest control, contact: 

Integrity Pest Management
William Rowe

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To best protect your home, we use the latest science and technology to test new and innovative products. It is our goal to develop an effective plan suited to your specific needs.

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