Rats And Mice In Your Vehicle?

why are rats and mice infecting my vehicle

Why are mice and rats infecting my vehicle?

Are rats and mice destroying your vehicle?

You bet. Each Spring folks report going out to their boat or RV to discover that rats and mice had moved into and damaged their stored vehicles over the winter.

But, they will also invade your daily driver- you see rodents don’t like to be outside in the open where they are vulnerable to predators, so when they see your car with heat radiating from it, they see shelter from the great outdoors. 

Entering A Car Is Easy For A Mouse

Entering a car is easy for a mouse; they will squeeze through any opening as small as a dime. Then once inside, they start looking around for something to chew on, and not just the stray French fries that live under the back seat; they will chew on anything.

Rodents have to eat to keep their teeth sharp. So they will spend a lot of time just chewing on stuff like wires, and cars have a lot of wires, expensive wires

Eco-friendly Materials Attracting Rodents?

Auto manufacturers use more and more eco-friendly materials, like soy-based wiring in new car designs that might also be attracting rodents. 

Adverse health Effects

Costly car repairs aside, rodents can also harm your health. The mess they leave behind can cause respiratory issues, including asthma and allergy symptoms. To lessen the possibility of rodents infesting your vehicle, keep trash containers closed and seal up any entry points you find into the garage.

Drivers should also look under the hood regularly for signs of gnawing, nests or droppings, and if found, get it checked out by a professional mechanic. And then be sure to call on Integrity to help with any infestation at your home.

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