What Pests Can Damage My Roof?

roof pests

Ants, rats, and beetles are only a few of the kinds of pests which can get into your home and destroy your roof.

One day, when you’re doing some work in your attic and keep finding holes bored into the wood. Perhaps you’re relaxed, enjoying your favorite TV show after work, you hear the sound of scurrying in your ceiling.

If your roof is damaged, then your home could be facing a decrease in value and reduced energy efficiency.

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Roof Pests

During the winter, pests are more likely to try to infest your home as a way to escape the frigid temperatures. Your home provides them with an excellent spot to find food and nest. Often, this can lead to pests getting into the woodwork, which makes up your roof and the singles, attic, and wiring.

These are just some of the pests which can infest your home and damage your roof, including:


Termites feed on cellulose, including paper, plant litter, and, most importantly, wood. Most roofs are made with wood, making them a perfect food source for termites. As they eat through the wood, they can cause leaks, and another significant structural damage is given enough time. Additionally, termites breed quickly, making them difficult to exterminate.

Powderpost Beetles

These beetles are named powder post due to their destructive relationship to wood. Powderpost beetle larvae mature in wood and feed on it to the point they reduce it to powder. Like termites, this can eventually lead to significant damage to your roof.


While they do not eat wood like termites of powderpost beetles, carpenter ants construct nests inside it. Fire ants, too, can cause significant structural damage, and indoor ants will make use of the spaces created by carpenter ants.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice will gnaw through anything to find a way into your home, and your attic serves as a perfect habitat for them. They can spread disease and contaminate food, so keeping them away from any weak points in your roof is imperative.


Whether gnawing on insulation, chewing through wires, or urinating on the wood, squirrels can damage your roof, your electricity, and invade your living space.

Honey Bees

Honey bees can infest your roof, and make their homes underneath your shingles. Their honeycombs can stain the shingles and damage them to the point of needing replacement.

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