How to Control Ladybugs

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You may have experienced Asian Lady Beetles in the last day or two as they are looking for a place to spend the winter.

So how do you control ladybugs?

In nature, they would over-winter inside trees and under leaf litter. However, they also tend to congregate on the sunny, southwest-facing sides of homes and buildings, moving into cracks and crevices and invading through tiny gaps around windows, doors, siding, and soffits.

Once inside, they can get into the wall voids, light fixtures, attics, suspended ceilings, etc. to spend the winter. The good news is they do not pose a threat to your health or damage your home. Aside from the stinky smell, if you touch them or a possible stain if you smash them. The real issue is the sheer numbers of them that can enter your home.

For most folks, it is beyond just a nuisance. It’s simply overwhelming, and if you are already amid an infestation, the best course of action is to reach for the vacuum to tackle the swarms that are already inside.

Control ladybugs by keeping them out of your house.

Preventing them from entering in the first place is always the best course of action, but it’s nearly impossible. Sealing the cracks and crevices, repairing damaged screens, and installing screens behind vents will go a long way in keeping them out.

However, it may be challenging to find and gain access to every tiny crack that they can find around your home. Having Integrity Pest Management regularly do an Exterior Defense Treatment is a great way to create a layer of protection around the outside of your home.

We’ll target the entry points and landing zones, such as the eaves, windows, soffits, vents, etc. They’ll still find a way in, and you’ll always have to vacuum them up, but there will be a lot fewer than if you do not treat.

If ladybugs are invading your home, now is the best time to get an Exterior Defense Treatment.

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