Healthcare Facilities Commercial Pest Control

Our healthcare facilities’ commercial pest control solutions use specialized procedures and protocols designed specifically for hospitals, clinics, doctor and dental offices, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Patient healthcare facilities depend on a clean, free of all pests environment.

Healthcare Facilities Commercial Pest Control

Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities Pests have specific ground pest control needs:

  • pests can come in with deliveries
  • they can be carried in on the personal effects of the patients, staff, or visitors.

Once inside, your office can offer pests shelter, warmth, and a steady supply of food. Pest Management and pest prevention go hand in hand at healthcare facilities.

patients entering hospital are a prime route for pests to enter
hospital dumpster pest control

Flying Pests

Installations that have food services, laundry rooms, garbage storage areas, or dumpsters raise the probability of pest infestations, particularly cockroaches.

Exterior trash dumpsters, when ignored, become a breeding ground for flying insects and rodents.

Public entrances for patients and staff are attractive entry points for annoying flying insects requiring doctor office pest control.

Get rid of pests in Your Healthcare Facility Now

Our B.I.T.E System – Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

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Why Should Healthcare Facilities use Integrity for Pest Control?

We understand that pest control in healthcare facilities are price sensitive. Even so, we have seen a significant increase in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities employing these safeguards.

Our top of the line services are standard customization for your specific healthcare application and should be looked at as something that safeguards your reputation and your patients.

The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service has been testing these products since 1994 and has declared that these products are 100% safe to use in healthcare facilities.

This success is unmatched by any other commercially available pest control product.

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