Complete Pest Control for Doctor and Dental Offices

Doctor and Dental Offices Pest Control Services

Complete Pest Control for Doctor and Dental Offices Patients can be impacted directly or indirectly through personal contact or through contamination of surfaces, supplies, or equipment in several areas of the facility.
Areas that are known to be problematic require frequent observation and attention. Integrity’s pest control experts will inspect the facility for these obvious problems:
• Areas with crevices and cracks that offer safe places for pests
• Improperly stored or spilled food or pharmaceutical items
• Broken or unscreened windows, and poorly installed door sweeps
• Neglected areas that require consistent cleaning and sanitation
• Moisture problems caused by leaking pipes or damage to structural problems
• Overflowing trash dumpsters Integrity Pest Management can reduce the negative impact on productivity with effective IPM methods and our B.I.T.E. techniques of services.
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Our Pledge To Doctor & Dental Offices

At Integrity Pest Management, we understand that it’s extremely important to keep pests away from visitors, staff, and, most importantly, patients. Since pests can easily transfer disease-carrying pathogens to normally sterile parts of a health-oriented facility, the results of an infestation can be disastrous for patients and staff alike. Our technicians are trained to meet all your pest control needs, while educating your staff on the most efficient preventive measures.

You cannot get away from the use of chemicals in Pest Management, however, by including prevention and monitoring techniques that we have developed over the last 30+ years, we have developed techniques that allow us to be much wiser with our use of pesticides. In this, we have remained responsible and highly effective.

Our B.I.T.E System – Complete Pest Control for Doctor and Dental Offices


Pest management is a moving target. Pests change and adapt to management techniques. Our technicians are trained through national and state level training courses and are up to date on best practices.

We GUARANTEE We will always bring to your house & business the best practices in the industry. Our aim is to be the leader in technology, science, and the art of pest control, while maintaining integrity to home, family, and the environment. Those best practices include best practices in regard to extermination, best practices with clients, and best practices with protecting families, citizens, other insects, and ecosystems.


In this process our technicians are looking for the pest or evidence of the pest. The potential ecosystem, environment factors, and unique plants, shades, water sources and food sources that exist. When looking at the turf and ornamentals, we’re looking for stress & damage. This process includes identification of damage, the pest, & frass produced by the pest. Sometimes it’s a game of timing.

Catching them in the act makes the monitoring process much more precise. Other devices and tools aid us in identifying the pest when the timing is off. And recording and record-keeping is critical. We document what, when, where so that we can monitor next year or when similar conditions are met some time in the future.


There are thresholds that must be considered when making a decision to treat such as: damage threshold, insect abundance threshold, and even an aesthetic threshold. Basically, at what threshold of damage to plants, trees, and property or amount of insect infestation is beyond an acceptable level and runs the risk of causing irreversible damage.

Defining damage thresholds, diagnosing, & treating ornamental ecosystem injury bears an additional level of complexity in urban landscapes as aesthetic value can be lost very quickly with even a small insect population.


The questions that must be asked after treatment strategy is initiated. How well did that management strategy work? How was the environment affected and responding? Have we affected insect that were outside the treatment scope? Through continued evaluation the approach to pest treatment is altered if needed. All of these questions must be evaluated in the process of treatment: Are pests dying? Is there still a presence of beneficial pests? Are there fewer pests? Are plants healthier? Is our current approach yielding better results than previous treatments?

Managing pests in homes & landscapes is complex, difficult, and dynamic. There are many connected pieces in these ecosystems that must be monitored and managed. Our responsibility to be environmentally conscious by evolving our approach and chemical use is a responsibility we bare with great pride. It is our goal to be the best at pest management & extermination and the best at being in front of the curve with environmental responsibility. Integrity Complete Pest Control for Doctor and Dental Offices.