Integrity’s Commitment To Environmental Stewardship

Integrity’s Environmentally Friendly Approach To Service

Green Pest Management is a more eco-friendly way of describing Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We are committed to IPM. That means we aim to protect the environment, and future eco-systems, while delivering the best pest solution to our clients possible. We aim to minimize the use of chemicals while maintaining our world-class pest control solutions. In other words, you won’t find our technicians dumping chemicals on your property in hopes that covering the property might rid the home of unwanted pests. We are among 3% of pest control companies awarded the Quality Pro (QP) distinction. For pest control companies that is a BIG thing. Our name “integrity” extends to our clients and their pest problems, the future ecosystems, and the planet at large.

In order to accomplish GPM we use a multi-step approach to Pest Management. You cannot get away from the use of chemicals in Pest Management, however, by including prevention and monitoring techniques that we have developed over the last 30+ years, we have developed techniques that allow us to be much wiser with our use of pesticides. In this, we have remained responsible and highly effective.  

The 5 Steps of GPM – Integrity’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

It is nearly impossible for a DIY pest management program to be classified as GPM. Green Pest Management requires the guidance and knowledge of a pest professional that understands bugs, rodents, life cycles, pest volumes, and other insect-ecosystem interactions that are not well known. This web of relationships makes it very difficult for a DIY to use GPM. We would only aim to encourage anyone that is attempting to take on such a responsibility. Here is our 5 step approach to GPM

Step 1: Inspection

As with most things, the first step is absolutely critical to an effective eco-friendly pest management program. Insects and rodents are actually critical to the ecological balance of the earth and must be regarded as friend before foe. When an insect or rodent becomes a pest and endangers health and property, then a new balance must be created. Here is where our Integrated Pest Management approach to Pest Management really takes over as the leader in the industry. During the inspection phase of GPM the Pest Management Professional (PMP) inspects for pests, cracks, damage, and hiding warning signs. The PMP looks for food & water sources, any signs of pest history. This step cannot be skipped, overlooked, or downplayed. This is where a prevention plan is developed in order to secure your home from potential pest invasions. 

Step 2: Removal of Food and Harborage

If pesticides is the sole means of pest control, then all other steps get skipped or ignored. Strictly chemical approaches control infestations by introducing large amounts of of pesticides into the environment without regard to environmental effects. In GPM, infestations are first discourages by creating environments that are unsuitable for rapid population expansion. What does this mean? First we must remove the food & water sources (i.e. leaky pipes), compost, yard debris, accessible pet food, garbage, and other food sources. If these issues are not addressed, then the problem has a good likelihood of returning following the treatment. Education is everything with long term management of pest annoyances & infestations.

Step 3: Exclusion

During exclusion we identify problem areas, and put forth a plan in order to fix vulnerability points. There is so much pest management that must be completed before chemicals are every introduced to the property. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, Integrity is a member of the National Pest Management Association’s Quality Pro program, which maintains rigorous ethical and operational standards for professional pest control operators. In this step your PMP will maintain a vigilant effort to remove or seal points of entry into your home and keep them sealed off. Remember, debris piles, overhanging branches, high moisture areas, must be addressed. This exclusion process eliminates portals of entry into your home for pests & rodents.

Step 4: Judicious Usage of Pesticides

Even after thoroughly assessing the situation and removing food sources and exclusions, a pesticide program must be developed in order to pest proof your home, property, and family. In a eco-conscientious pest management program, pesticide use is only one component of the program. in fact, Integrated Pest Management requires an eco-minded approach to pest use. Due to this, our technicians are more focused, accurate, and willing to use restraint to protect everyone involved, future & present. In other words, we treat the problem, and we focus on location and quantity in order to maximize our world-class status in pest management, while reducing our footprint. Never trust a PMP that over uses pesticides in hopes of treating the unknown with a luck based approach to Pest Management.  As often as possible, we will monitor our product use in order to lower toxicity t people, pests, non-target pests and the environment.

Step 5: Monitoring

Pest Management is not a hit & run process. Monitoring is as important as the initial inspection. Our technicians know how to monitor your home in order to encourage conditions that discourage pests, and to identify pests before they becomes a full-blown infestation. This five step process is Integrity’s Commitment To Environmental Stewardship. 

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Seeking an even Greener Solution?

We carry a product that is specifically used on clients properties & homes that request the greenest solution possible. Since 1990, one of our partner companies has been the world’s largest provider of Green Pest Control solutions. In fact, this earth-sensitive solution has received a Green Builder® Magazine Best of Show Award. Integrity’s Commitment To Environmental Responsibility has continually reminded us to listen to use IPM standards, use science and experience, listen to our associations and those associated, and listen to the families and the environment as we continue to be the leader in Oklahoma Pest Control.

The only way to maintain a reduced footprint is to continue education, provide unequaled support, be local, while providing ground breaking treatment programs with industry-leading products. Remember, your bugs are always developing immunity to pesticides, it is time to be smarter than the pest and incorporate GPM into your pest management program. For more on green pesticide programs or on Integrity’s Commitment To Environmental stewardship call us at Phone: Call Today!