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Preventive Termite Control For Builders

Protect your reputation as a home builder by insisting that Integrity Pest Management perform the pre-treat on your project. It’s estimated that Termites do $5 billion in property damage each year. Among the many services, we provide to the building industry, pre-treatments are one of our greatest offerings.

Pre-treatments can save a reputation and/or a building. Termites are not the only potential infestation that can be prevented with treatment, however, they are the ones attributed with the most annual damage to home, property, and other. Integrity is a leader in pre-construction termite services.

Why Should Home Builders Choose Integrity For Pre-Construction Termite Control?

What Is Integrity’s Termite Pre-Treatment?

Integrity uses Termidor, America’s best Termiticide for our soil treatments, and we also offer wood treatments using BoraCare during the dried in stage of construction. These products can only be applied by trained, licensed pest control professionals. We have used these treatment products & methods in homebuilding & other industrial applications since 2001.

How Does Termite Pre-Treatment Work?

These products are applied to areas in and around the premises, which is immediately effective against termites. Termites have no chance against our odorless, undetectable treatments. As termites forage through the treated areas they unknowingly ingest the product while in the treatment zones. Even coming into contact with the product is enough to create “carrier” termites. This process creates primary, secondary, tertiary carriers, and so forth. This process allows for the product to be spread through an entire infesting colony yielding devastating effects on existing termite colonies.

Why Should Home Builders Choose Integrity For Pre-Construction Termite Control?

We understand that termite pre-treatments are price sensitive. Even so, we have seen a major increase in home building professionals employing these safeguards. Our top of the line services are a common customization with upscale home builds and should be looked at as something that increases the value of the home. This is an extremely valuable property enhancement for your client.

The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service has been testing these products since 1994 and have declared that these products provide 100% control at concrete slab and ground board test sites. This success is unmatched by any other commercially available pre treatment product.

How Can My Home Builder Ensure My New Home Is Protected From Termites?

Make sure your homebuilder is acquainted with our services. In order to be able to apply pre-treatment to a new home build, it must be scheduled very early in the process for best results and manageable timelines. Call Integrity for Building Industry Pest Services and More.